Access Management
Tax, Accounting, & Consultants, LLC

At Access Management, we provide a full suite of tax and accounting services for both individuals and companies nationwide. We also provide service to Canada, the U.K., the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Africa - especially to those with dual citizenship. Additionally, we offer business consulting assistance in many fields: from business formation and human resource management, to asset sales and purchases - focusing on businesses with foreign operations.

Recently, there have been several changes to the IRS’s tax code and several deductions built into it that only taxpayers can take. 

These deductions can total thousands of dollars in savings or reduction and even elimination of tax payments. However, the IRS does not take those deductions for you - or apply them to your tax return - if your tax preparer failed to claim them on your behalf.

What We Do For You

Human Resources

We offer services in all areas of personnel management, including payroll, benefits, recruitment, and more.

Management Assistance

We provide integrated bookkeeping, asset valuation, and professional management services.

Purchasing and Sales

We provide trained professionals capable of assisting in the purchase and sale of equipment, supplies, motor vehicles, and even businesses.

Business Financing

Delivering money to your business when you need it most.

Check Tax Refund

Click here to quickly find the status of your tax refund.

Tax Planning

Properly planning for future taxes can serve to limit tax liability long before tax season arrives.